Backlighting is the new trend in almost every area.

Whether it can be a bar, branded franchise, high furnished shop, restaurant, and even households demand to backlight for a unique and trendy surrounding.

Norford provides its customers with different colors of backlighting with customized patterns, logos, text, designs or even pictures etch to the colorful surface.
Restaurants, shops, franchise tend to attract customers with their interiors and eye-catching lighting with the use of prominent colors. Backlighting declares the attention of the customer and attraction towards the spot. However, in homes, mostly people promote the idea of backlighting for a well furnished and cozy experience inside their homes. They are widely used in theatres and even in designer shops to attract customers towards clothing and designs.

Norford provides seamless solid surfaces that tend to provide a high-quality backlighting making the area well furnished. Smooth and designed surfaces pave the way for decorative bedrooms and walls in five-star hotels covering acrylic, glass and tension fabric.

Backlighting can create a glowing exterior and adds a variety to your lighting system. We give you service with easy to change graphics and a long wear and tear life. Solid surfaces come with durable properties that challenge any rough use and easy to clean exterior. We have noticeably served various restaurants, hotels, and households with our backlighting services and have met their expectations of high excellence material.

Eateries and food courts require highly gratifying and durable surfaces. Hygiene is the most important factor any restaurant looks for before acquiring any fixtures. We have been servicing food industry since 1974 and are bound to meet their expectations that many of our first work is still in the eye today.

Solid surface is pore free and flawless that outfits the needs of food industry perfectly. Along with food preparation areas, solid surfaces are also used in seating areas such as tables and counters due to its easy cleaning and dust resistant property. A restaurant is a place with hundreds of visitors each day, that Norford Solid Surfaces does not make you question its durable and renewable properties.

Kitchen counters and tops should be easily cleanable and looking great for a better working area. Getting rid of spills and mess in no time ensures a clean and healthy environment which can be promoted through the use of solid surfaces. Hygiene factor would not come in the way if you opt for solid surfaces as it does not allow microbes to make their way on the surface for a living.

Each restaurant demands surfaces that are unique and drawing to the eye. We provide you with hundreds of designs and colors to choose from to please your customers and maintain a cozy environment. We have not only served restaurants for kitchens and counters but also restrooms. Our range of luxurious surfaces and designs has always ensured a well furnished restaurant experience for visitors.

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