Our solid surface is highly appreciable and demanded in hospitals to promote antibacterial surfaces and hygiene.

Norford surfaces have served in countless hospitals to help prevent the bacteria from spreading to encourage infection free environment.

Hospitals always count on Norford, for solid surfaces due to its durability and seamless surfaces that are comfortable to the surroundings and provide a healthy environment.
Its non-porous quality provides crackles and space less surface which does not allow microbes or germs to reside on the exterior.

Hospitals are used to the germ-filled environment and demand easy cleaning and anti-bacterial structure to prevent further harm. Norford solid surfaces are easily cleanable and aids in preventing harmful bacteria. This makes us stand out from other products that are available in the market.

We have various collections of decent surfaces to be used in operation theatres, emergency units, dispensaries. And patient toilets to promote a germ-free, fresh and comfortable surroundings.

We are most honorable ion working with St Vincent’s private hospital, where we dressed the walls of their operating theatre in our most luxurious and high-quality Corian Glacier White and aspen. Our easily customized surface helped the corner to be thermoformed to a large radius, covering possible corners to avoid bacterial growth. The material used encouraged hygienic, bright and innovative operating theatre.

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